Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a very versatile coating process that offers numerous consumer benefits that conventional liquid coatings are unable to provide. Below are some of the key benefits that are derived from powder coating.

Excellence in Finish

Powder coating provides a superior oven cured finish. Powder coating is versatile and can provide both extreme and decorative performance properties. There are a wide array of powder coating color options and textures from high gloss and low gloss applications, including metallics and candy colors. Metal, when properly powder coated, results in a highly durable finish that will last for years. 


The powder coating process is much more efficient than standard liquid coating methods.  The powder coating process allows more parts to be coated in a shorter period of time with significantly lower rejection rates, and lower cost, than standard liquid coating.

Enviromental Benefits

Powder Coating has been proven to be a safer, cleaner, and more eco-friendly paint alternative for the environment than  traditional wet paint applications.  Most wet paints have solvents that are harmful to the environment. However, powder coating is solvent-free, produces no VOC's, has no harmful vapors, fumes or gases.