Drift Trike frame in a bright green.

Cherry Red...beautiful!

Rtic cups for sale!  25.00 ea. Powder coated in a variety of colors

Gondola for Telluride.

Custom frame and rear diff done in gloss black.  Can you believe this is powder coat??  Look how shiny!


Run stand for a jet engine.

Neon Green Razer Roll Cage

Wheels done in 20% gloss black with blue "GT".

Shiny black spoke of wheels.

Plaque done in black and gold.

Different types of railing that we powder coated for R&S Steel's showroom.

Stairs and railing we did for Renegade Fab.

Raz'r suspension and roll cage done in Illusion Violet.

Beautiful Red Metallic

Motorcycle frame done in Illusion Purple with Casper clear, white handlbars, and black chrome 1 accents.

Bike Frame and Matching Trailer done in Lemon Sunshine.

Railing that we did for Aspen Welding.

Railing for another project we did for Aspen Welding.

Frame done in semi-gloss black.

Satin black with Twisted Tangerine accents

Exhaust tips done in Black Chrome

Art pieces

Patio table and chairs done in a copper vein.

This is what shiny black powder coated wheels should look like!!  Gorgeous!

Twisted Tangerine!

Kingsport Gray bumper..looks great!

Lollypop red wheels!  Beautiful!

 2 of the 3 sets of stairscases that we did.  Our 25ft long oven sure does come in handy.

Lollypop blue suspension pieces that go with the frame below.  Frame is done in a gloss black with a metal flake top coat that has matching blue flake.

Frame and wheels done for Big Willie's Garage.



This dry sink turned out absolutely beautiful!

Wheels done in Black Chrome

                      Bike frame and wheels

Valve cover done in a black texture. 

Antique potbelly stove done in black with a candy red door and accents!

Valve cover done in super chrome and deep red...check out the detail in the ram's head!

Fuel cell done in Black Chrome 1..

Custom frame done in candy red...looks great!

Beautiful rose sign!  Love the purple

Antique cast metal table and chairs...came out looking great!

Love these vintage lawn chairs!

We have the capacity to do large quantities with our 25ft oven!

Horse art!  Headed for Santa Anita Racetrack!

We can do large runs on manufactured parts.

This is a bumper done for Big Willie's Garage!

1978 BMX bike frame..We were able to get the original decals off, much to the delight of our customer.

Intake mainfold done in Metallic Silver...

Custom headboard done in Copper Vein

Grain hopper for the new Kannah Creek Brewing Co!  Beautiful Blue!

Window Cranks-Orange with a Matte Clear Coat!

Grill-Done in Super Chrome

Wiper Blades done in a Matte Black

Motorcycle Frame done in Black with a 20% gloss clear coat

fan blade done in a gloss black

             Gate and just a little bit of the fencing around the pool for the Gateway Canyons project.

Handrail done in copper vein